simplicity through modern technologies

3d Scan am Babykopf

fitting: contact-free and relaxed

The helmet fitting is stress-free for parents and children: the child’s head is measured by orthopaedic technicians in just a few seconds by means of a 3D scan that requires no direct physical contact. This harmless process uses structured light and involves no exposure to radiation. All of the data to manufacture a custom-fit helmet are collated in just a short time.

helmets: high-precision production through 3d printing

The orthopaedic technicians at Giglio Orthopédie SA produce the helmet individually for each baby according to exact measurements. The asymmetry is defined according to international standards; the head is then modelled virtually using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology. The specialists then produce the helmet in the Geneva workshop using 3D printing.

«all in white?» – not necessarily!

Of course, a helmet can be a little disturbing at first sight, but this is less the case when it is colourful or decorated with cheerful motifs designed to appeal to children. Giglio Orthopédie SA has developed a proven water transfer printing process for the helmets and offers custom finishing on request.

comfortable to wear and easy to clean

3D printing enables us to make a helmet from especially thin, lightweight material that is still durable. The hypoallergenic 3D padding inside can be easily removed and washed – which is a big advantage for parents. The special surface of the material also ensures air is able to circulate to the baby’s skin constantly and moisture is removed, preventing skin irritation.

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